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Thinking of renovating your kitchen or bathroom? There are a few things to consider before making and finalizing your grand plans. 

First and foremost you need to determine if your current plumbing infrastructure will handle that brand new rainfall shower with six body jets. The last thing you want is a body jet that at most is a trickle due to available water pressure in your home. It’s best to find out if your infrastructure can keep up to your dream bathroom before you’ve ordered your shower kit and started to take the walls apart. 

And what about your water heater situation? You may enjoy all those body jets, but it won’t be so fun if you’re running out of hot water half way through your showers. 

If you’re doing the renovation yourself – that’s great! But we do recommend you leave the plumbing up to licenced (and insured) plumbers. We’re less expensive when we’re brought in at the beginning then when we are brought in at the end. 

If you’re contemplating that grand renovation, we can help from planning to completion.
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