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Hot Water Tank Installation or Replacement

Commercial Water Heater Replacement Project, Kelowna, BC

commercial water heater tank replacement in Kelowna, BC

We supply and install both electric and gas hot water tanks – for both residential and commercial customers.

A water tank is like a reservoir that stores between 30-80 gallons of water at a time. The tank releases hot water from the top of the unit and replaces with cold water that enters at the bottom so it constantly stays full. Hot water tanks are constantly heating the water to a preset temperature, even when you’re not using it, which results in ‘standby heat loss’.

A typical hot water tank, whether gas or electric, lasts approximately 10-12 years. After that, the potential of a leak or flood drastically increases. You should consider changing an aging hot water tank prior to experiencing an issue that could result in a costly clean up and replacement.


Tankless Water Heaters

High efficiency tankless water heaters deliver continuous flow of domestic hot water for as long as you need, all while keeping your utility bills low. No more waiting for a tank to reheat more water – which wastes both time and energy. Condensing tankless water heaters come with a built-in recirculation pump and buffer tank. 

Tankless water heaters last approximately 15-20 years. They require significantly less storage space than a tank water heater and supplies unlimited hot water. They do, however, cost more to purchase and install and require more maintenance than a hot water tank.

How do Tankless Water Heaters work?

  1. When a hot water tap is opened, the tankless water heater detects the flow
  2. The flow sensor activates to determine the amount of hot water needed
  3. The igniter activates
  4. The gas control valve opens to supply the correct amount of gas
  5. The fan and venturi activate to provide the correct amount of gas and fuel
  6. The premix burner ignites providing a flame to heat the water
  7. Cold water is pre-heated in the secondary heat exchanger
  8. Pre-heated water passes from the secondary to the primary heat exchanger
  9. The unit determines outgoing set temperature and adjusts the flame to heat the water
  10. Heated water moves to the buffer tank
  11. Desired hot water amount delivered to the faucet
  12. What are the benefits of tankless water heaters?

Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

  1. Endless hot water when you want it
  2. Compact, space-saving design
  3. Lower energy bills
  4. Longer lifespan then traditional hot water tanks
Commercial Water Heater Replacement Project, Kelowna, BC

Navien tankless hot water heater installation done in kelowna, bc

Not sure which water heater is right for you?
Give us a call, we can help you navigate all the options to ensure you pick the water heater best for your situation.

Hot Water Heater Repairs

hot water tank leak

Leaking hot water tank

Water leaks are the most common and costly issues you could experience with your water heater. By nature, water will eventually corrode your tank and create tiny cracks or fractures in the tank and piping. Finding water standing at the top or bottom of the tank doesn’t necessarily mean you have a leak – it could be that your connection hose has become loose or there could be an issue with condensation. It could also be due to water spilling out from the overflow – which could be a sign of a bigger issue with the water pressure in your house or unit and you may need to have a PRV (pressure reducing valve) installed or replaced.

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing lack of hot water. If you find you just aren’t getting enough (or any) hot water you may be having an issue with your heating elements, pilot light or gas connection, depending on the type of tank. There could also be a problem with the gas burner, thermocouple, or dip tube. Just to name a few!

Give us a call to troubleshoot your hot water issues.   

Water Heater Maintenance

Tankless water heaters should be serviced by a professional at least once a year. Yearly maintenance will help to protect your investment and extend the life of your water heater. 

Why do you need to service your water heater? Over time, the minerals in water like calcium and magnesium can build up within the heat exchanger and plug up the water lines causing the water heater to work overtime to heat your water. This can shorten the lifespan of your water heater and increase your energy bills. Mineral build up can cause irreparable damage – damage that is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Our team can perform regular maintenance on your water heater where we will descale the unit to make sure there’s no buildup around the heating elements. 

Call us to add you to our yearly maintenance plan. We’ll call you when your water heater is due for maintenance so you don’t have to worry about anything!

Commercial Water Heater Replacement Project, Kelowna, BC

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