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Backflow prevention device installation in kelowna, bc

Backflow prevention systems are devices installed on pipes that only allow water to flow in one direction. The purpose of backflow prevention devices is to protect water supplies from contamination or pollution due to backflow. They allow water from the city’s public water supply to flow into your home’s piping, but stops water if and when it ever tries to flow backwards into the main water supply.

The potential for backflow to occur exists wherever physical cross connections exist between potable and non-potable water sources. Water from a non-potable source that backflows into the potable system can cause contamination to the potable water supply.

Wiener’s Plumbing can install, service and test backflow prevention assemblies for both residential and commercial customers. We have three certified backflow prevention assembly testers on our team.

Backflow prevention devices in the Okanagan Valley are required to be tested yearly, with reports sent into the municipality for their records. Call us today to protect your water source from potential contamination and remain compliant with the cross connection control program.

 For more information on the City of Kelowna’s Cross Connection Control Program, visit their website here: Cross Connection Control.


Call us to be added to our yearly backflow testing list. We’ll ensure you’re backflow is always tested and compliant with the City of Kelowna Cross Connection Program.

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